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  • DevelBoard is a Linux SoM, with unique BSP and software addons

    It has a very small form factor, extended temperature range, low power requirements, and a custom BSP with advanced tools, made and maintained by true Linux experts


Hardware that you will love

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    DevelBoard Blue is perfectly suited for small form factor applications. It integrates RAM, NAND and 10/100 Ethernet PHY in a small LGA package of only 38x38mm.
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    The power consuption of DevelBoard Blue is very low compared to its competitors. The board ca run at full speed using less than 1W of power with a single 3.3V power supply..
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    DevelBoard Blue is designed to be used in harsh industrial environments where extedend temperature range is required (-40°C to +85°C). It also has high immunity to RF/EMI and low emissions.
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    LGA package

    There is no need for and external connector: the module can be directly soldered on your carrier board. This greatly reduces costs and improves the mechanical strenght compared to competitors’ solutions.

Unique BSP and tools

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    Perfect for Linux beginners

    No need to follow complex tutorials and customise flashing scripts; everything you need to develop with the board is available through our revolutionary BSP, with a very simple user interface.
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    Premium support by Linux experts

    We can take care of setting up, configuring and optimizing Linux for you. Thanks to our fixed-price Premium Support package, you can focus on your application and leave everything else in the hands of true Linux experts.
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    Qt 5 Support with SoftGPU™

    Thanks to our proprietary SoftGPU™ module, Qt Enterprise is fully supported and optimized on our board even without a hardware GPU. And DevelBoard Blue is the only board in the market where you can get Qt Enterprise without paying any royalty
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    Tons of software packages

    Everything you may need to install on DevelBoard Blue is already available as a package: search for it, click on install, done! No need to regenerate root filesystems, fight with recipes, or library conflicts. We took care of everything so that you don't have to!
  • Software modules

    Thanks to our long term partnership and experience with the Qt framework, the module is also available with a SoftGPU option in order to increase the perfomance on modern dynamic GUI applications. The CPU has also an hardware cryptographic engine which is leveraged to supply a secure boot and fast crypto option.
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      Soft GPU
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      Secure boot

icon Premium Linux support

With DevelBoard, you are free to focus on writing your application without worrying about debugging drivers or generating your rootfs. We can take care of the start up and configuration of your board - at a fixed price!

  • Build a custom kernel
  • Configure peripherals & drivers
  • Pre-install software packages
  • Generate your own rootfs
  • Fixed-price ticketing system
  • Fast reply